Out Patient at Home Physical Therapy

Often times Physical Therapy is prescribed by a doctor to treat a condition however the condition itself or other outside influences make it extremely difficult or inconvenient for the patient to be able to get to a clinic consistently or comfortably.  STAT Orthopedic Rehab’s Out Patient at Home Physical Therapy concept resolves this issue.  STAT Orthopedic Rehab’s specially qualified clinicians are experts at turning your living room into a temporary clinic.  Unique equipment and techniques are used and applied in the comfort of your own home specifically treating your condition.  There are specific advantages to the STAT Out Patient in the home therapy model:

  • One on one, uninterrupted hands on physical therapy treatments provide high quality customized results for each patients unique condition
  • Licensed and certified therapists only. You will not be treated by minimally trained Physical Therapy Technicians as you would be in a clinic. You will only be evaluated and treated by the valley’s most qualified licensed and certified therapists
  • You are treated in your own home environment, therefore; our therapists can customize your treatment and exercise program to assure that you can quickly return to activities that are related to your day to day living scenario. These conditions are difficult and sometimes impossible to replicate in a clinic
  • Motivation- It can be difficult to be motivated for physical therapy when there is significant discomfort associated with simply getting to and from the appointment. Some conditions make it difficult, tiring or painful by simply getting in and out of a vehicle. Prolonged sitting in a car or a waiting room can also be troublesome for some patients. When we come to you, you can spend your time and energy at getting better instead of travelling or waiting
  • Your time is valuable. Getting ready, driving to a clinic, waiting in a waiting room, and waiting between clinicians and driving home can take several hours of committed time when receiving therapy outside of your home. When STAT Orthopedic Rehab comes to you, you only commit time to the treatment itself, providing you valuable time for other important things in your life
  • Friends and family often need to commit time to help someone receiving treatment in a clinic to assist them getting to their appointment and getting them home. With our 100% mobile service it is not necessary to inconvenience your loved ones. Self-reliance and progress often motivate patients to reach results more quickly

STAT Orthopedic Rehab accepts Medicare.  If you are a Medicare patient and have a secondary insurance, you can, in most cases, receive STAT’s full mobile service and treatment with no out of pocket costs.  Deductibles and copays do apply.  To see if you are a good candidate or inquire if your insurance is accepted call 602-357-4771 and select option 2 to speak with our intake specialist.

Home Health Physical Therapy

STAT Orthopedic Rehab prides itself in providing the highest quality of Physical Therapy for Home Health Agencies across the valley.  Our clinicians are trained in both Outpatient and Home Health Physical Therapy allowing them to utilize a broader spectrum of knowledge and experience to provide unparalleled treatment to Home Health patients.  STAT’s commitment to reducing re-admits provides Home Health Agencies a competitive advantage to their referral sources.  STAT Orthopedic Rehab’s commitment to compassionate care results in return patients and new patients through word of mouth referrals.  STAT’s results speak for themselves…here are some of the benefits that Home Health Agencies can count on when contracting with STAT Orthopedic Rehab:

  • High quality patient care. STAT clinicians are highly qualified in many different types of physical therapy treatments resulting in the absolute best care for Home Health patients with a variety of ailments
  • Results based treatments are provided specifically with a reduction of hospital re-admits in mind. In addition our clinicians take extra precaution to properly communicate warning signs that may indicate potential decline so immediate and appropriate care can be provided, reducing patients need to seek out emergent help
  • Compassionate care is a core principle of STAT Orthopedic Rehab. We go above and beyond our contractual agreement to assure that the patients we treat are heard, valued and treated with respect and dignity. To assure consistency in this area STAT Orthopedic Rehab has created a Director level position to drive highest level of compassionate care
  • Coverage- STAT Orthopedic Rehab covers the entire South East Valley including some remote areas such as San Tan Valley, Queen Creek and Gold Canyon. STAT is continuing to grow and our geographical area will continue to expand as well. Regularly check this site or reach out to us directly for current coverage area
  • Availability- We are here for you. Stat Orthopedic Rehab utilizes unique processes to effectively schedule our patient load. We collect and analyze data on our acceptance and service results and make adjustments to be available when you need us. Additionally we are constantly growing our staff to assure that we can are regularly available, greatly reducing your staffing time
  • Documentation- High quality and timely notes and communications are one of the highest priorities of our clinicians. We understand the implications that poor notes or tardy notes can have on continuing care, other disciplines ability to treat and potential financial reimbursement. STAT Orthopedic Rehab clinicians are dedicated to working with your QA representative to assure the highest quality of documentation. STAT’s clinicians have a reputation across all Home Health agencies that we service as providing the highest quality and most timely documentation and communication

We are consistently looking to partner with quality Home Health agencies.  To speak with someone about contracting with STAT Orthopedic Rehab or for any coverage or availability questions please call 602-357-4771 and select option 3 to speak with our Director of Strategic Marketing.

STAT Orthopedic Rehab is rapidly expanding to provide service across the valley. Currently our service area covers the entire South East Valley.  Check back regularly to see our expanding service area.

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